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Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Sky Pacific Jet based in Nairobi, Kenya has owned and operated Aero Medical equipped aircraft for over 8 years. All our Air Ambulance aircraft are fully fitted with intensive care equipment, enabling the transportation of critical patients on short and long-distance flights. Modern medical equipment with the full range of advanced life support equipment including medical supplies, drugs and electronic monitoring equipment allows intensive patient care both on the ground and in the air.

All patients are accompanied by an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) emergency doctor, experienced in emergency medicine and intensive care and a critical care (ICU) nurse.

Sky Pacific Jet has aircraft on 24 hours stand-by, a team of professional Pilots and highly qualified Medical staff that extend our culture of excellence to offer the highest quality aeromedical transfers .The flight range & speed of the jets makes them the ideal aircraft for flights to Europe, Middle East as well as long distance flights within Africa.

In early 2020, Sky Pacific Jet received extensive training in COVID -19 handling and SOP’s were finalised accordingly. The training was supported, directed and advised by senior EU virologist specialist and world leading Aeromedical Specialist Medical staff. Since then Sky Pacific Jet has completed over 150 COVID-19 evacuations.

We currently have Seven Portable Isolation Units available to fit the entire Sky Pacific Jet aircraft fleet from turboprop to the Jets for the support of COVID – 19 positive patients.